3 Benefits of Physical Therapy During Treatment of Car Accident Injuries


Though Miami is a busy city, many car accidents can be avoided if people do not indulge in reckless driving and remain calm and alert while behind the wheel. Taking calls on the phone or texting while driving is the main reason for distracted driving. Other reasons that cause accidents include speeding, running red lights, and not following traffic rules.

Small-impact collisions happen so often that most car accident victims equate the absence of major damage to their vehicles with bodily injuries. They make the mistake of assuming that since the car does not need any repairs they too do not need to visit a Miami car accident clinic for evaluation of their injuries. What is worse is that most car accident victims believe that they escaped unhurt from the crash.

While it is true that low-impact collisions may not send you to the emergency right away, but delayed treatment can lead to long-term complications even there is no serious, outward injury. Getting to a car accident chiropractor on time can save you a lot of trouble and pain in the future.

Why Chiropractor

Many car accident injuries do not show up immediately after a car accident. They may take days, weeks, or even months to surface. It is for such injuries that it is important to get yourself evaluated by a car accident chiropractor right after being involved in a crash. Injuries such as whiplash, herniated disc, and concussions take time to display symptoms. These delayed symptoms can lead to immense pain and life-altering changes if not treated on time.

Chiropractors are specialized at diagnosing and treating car accident-related injuries. They use chiropractic techniques such as spinal manipulation along with corrective exercises and physical therapy to treat injuries. A chiropractic physician will not only diagnose and treat your car accident injuries but will also decide what corrective exercises and what kind of physical therapy should be part of your customized chiropractic treatment plan.

Why Physical Therapy

Here are three ways how physical therapy can help you heal naturally and holistically without depending on pain killers and other such medications.

  • Helps Avoid Surgery

Many car accident victims are of the view that non-life threatening injuries do not really require surgery. With injuries such as whiplash and herniated disc you may not need any surgery, but if treatment is delayed the same injuries can lead to chronic pain and complications that could make surgery unavoidable.

Here’s why this happens. Injuries with delayed symptoms usually are the ones that cause the most problems. Not getting treated on time will worsen the injury which then leaves surgery as the last option of treatment. So what’s the way out? Physical therapy.

When chiropractic treatment begins on time your chiropractor follows a holistic and natural process to heal you. First the severity of your injuries is assessed and then a treatment plan is designed for you. Depending on the extent of your injury, easy stretches and exercises along with physical therapy are advised. Timely chiropractic treatment not only gradually relieves you of your pain but also does not allow a simple injury to turn serious and later life-changing to warrant surgery.

  • Prevents Long-term Complications And Permanent Damage To Your Body

When you visit your car accident chiropractor on time you can prevent your acute pain from turning chronic with the help of physical therapy. Hidden injuries can become critical if you do not seek immediate medical attention right after a car accident. For instance a herniated disc injury if not treated on time can lead to immense pain and if neglected for a long time can even cause paralysis.

Instead, if your chiropractor administers physical therapy along with spinal manipulation techniques, not only will it alleviate your pain but also heal your injury from its source. Physical therapy helps improve the strength and mobility of your spinal column along with increasing its flexibility. Why risk degenerative disc disease by not opting for proper treatment when chiropractic care can help you live a pain-free life?

  • Supports Recovery Process and Restores Function

Since most car accident victims assume they escaped the mishap unhurt, they do not seek medical attention immediately after a car accident. The true extent of their minor injuries gets revealed when they return to their normal daily activities. While some car accident victims self-treat their injuries of soreness, stiffness, headaches, and bruises, others just prefer to wait it out. This is when a treatable injury begins to turn chronic and could even worsen to warrant surgery.

On the other hand if timely treatment is undertaken followed by physical therapy not only do you begin to heal properly and holistically from your car accident injuries, the positive activity can also restore function to areas with old injuries. This is because physical therapy helps boost blood supply to the site of injury and this hastens healing. Your pain begins to reduce and long-term complications are avoided. There is instead improvement in flexibility and increased mobility is also seen.

Heal Naturally and Holistically

Physical therapy is a safe and non-invasive way of treating your car accident injuries. There is no use of drugs or pain medications during treatment. You heal from the core. The source of your injury is addressed at the time of treatment so that you are able to heal completely.

Also, many people believe that during the recovery process it is best to not move around much and remain more on bed rest. But exactly the opposite is true. The more you move around and remain physically active, the more nutrients and oxygenated blood get pumped to the injury site which accelerates healing. The goal of physical therapy with chiropractic care is to offer you a balanced and complete recovery for your car accident injuries.

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