How to Sell Old Bike Online: 10 Tips for Success

How to Sell Old Bike Online 10 Tips for Success

Having a two-wheeler completes your feeling of being with your best companion and helps you sense freedom and joy at the same time. The decision to sell your two-wheeler can also make you emotional and sentimental. If you are going to part ways from your favourite two-wheeler, you must be sad. To sell old bike online, you should get a fair deal for it. Here’re some good reasons you should sell your old bike with a successful outcome.

10 Tips to Sell Your Two Wheeler

To sell old bike in Delhi, there are some tips that you need to follow, here’s the list of what to look into when you are selling a used bike.

1: Know your bike well

If the buyer knows about the motorcycle, then high chances are there that they will have a significant advantage. In the worst case, the buyer will start to doubt your bike’s credibility. The maintenance of the bike is essential, and you must maintain it for swift performance. There are attributes for you to communicate with the motorcycle and share your first-hand experience with it. A seller needs to clearly explain the benefits of the motorcycle to make the buyer understand the old bike.

2: Be Prepared with documents

As you choose to sell a bike online, being the owner, the legal documents with your motorcycle VIN should be provided. Keep all the bills, receipts and documents related to the motorcycle in one place. The safety certification, history like bike maintenance, and other miscellaneous items including owner’s manual, spare parts, service manual and extra keys, must be provided to the new buyer.

3: Sell Old Bike to everyone, be Selective with who gets to Choose a Test Ride

It is necessary to list your bike on all the free classified platforms. On some platforms like CredR, you need to submit bike details, free evaluation at doorstep and get money credited to your bank account. It is necessary to choose genuine platforms to sell bikes online, and a platform that ensures guaranteed sale is the best!

4: Be Flexible for a Good Deal

Not everyone will have cash available on short notice, you as the seller of an old bike, need to make a good deal. The potential buyer will indeed negotiate on the bike price. It would be best if you had a range of bike prices to finalise a good deal after negotiation. It will help the buyer and the seller to get a good value for an old bike.

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5: Make an Ad that is clear and says it all

You must share the condition, modifications, and history of your bike. It will save you from wasting time emailing people more pictures individually if you look for a buyer. People gravitate towards advertisements loaded with images and wish to see the bike before going out to see it in person. So if some repairs are needed to your bike, do it for the best pictures.

6: Your modifications may not have any value

Remember that your modifications may not be included while you sell your bike. If you keep the receipt of your bike servicing that you have done recently, you can consist of the price altogether and finalise the price for selling the bike online.

7: Consider Selling Extras Separately

If you have bought any extra items like Saddlebags, extra seat, extra gas tanks, windshield or anything more then you can choose to sell them separately with different costs. There is no rule that you need to sell all together. If a buyer is willing to buy these extra features, they need to pay an additional amount to you.

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8: Be Realistic about your Bike’s Price

You’ll get plenty of lowball offers. It would be best if you got a clear price range for your bike. Do not set unrealistic expectations on your bike’s price to get a fair deal. It will never work out! Plenty of the buyers are entirely clueless on what is the actual worth of the bike.

9: Identify your Buyer’s Interest and speak to them

Once you have found someone interested in buying second hand bikes in Delhi, you can speak to them regarding the matter of interest. In this case, motorcycles can be the best topic of discussion. Recognizing your buyer’s motivation will make the vehicle relevant to them. It is a trick for the fast selling of old bikes.

10: Choose a platform

It is best if you choose a platform to sell your used bike. These platforms offer a reasonable price after the evaluation of the bike is done, and the agreed price is even credited to the seller’s bank account in a few days. There is no hassle of selling the old bike to a chosen genuine platform where a good deal, guaranteed sale and instant payment are assured.

To conclude, you need to check the best deal to sell your old bike online in Delhi. These top 10 tips will help you to be successful in your value of selling used bikes. Try it out today!

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