How to Score Good Marks in English and Commerce Subjects?

How to Score Good Marks in English and Commerce Subjects?

Exams do not imply that students will be depressed. Exams are intended to develop in students a sense of responsibility for remembering information and effectively presenting it. Exams aid in the development of a student’s overall personality, memory, and revising skills. Exams establish a strong attitude and a good memory for retaining the materials taught so that they can be learnt for the rest of one’s life.

English is a subject that, if taken seriously, can increase percentages and serve as a substitute for other disciplines. English questions mainly focus on grammar and paragraph setting. It is critical that students understand the importance of this language and strive to flourish in it by earning excellent grades. The commerce stream differs significantly from the arts and science stream. There are numerous difficulties involved with not having students here to learn calculations, a thorough curriculum, and business terminology. This article will give you a few tips to prepare for English and commerce subjects for the board exams.

Preparation Tips for the English Exam

Structure yourself

Students must prepare practically for English. They must read the lessons and make an effort to understand the main idea and characters. This allows them to develop a novel idea without continually consulting books for every detail. Having a structure will also aid in properly phrasing replies while avoiding complications.

Formulate a pattern of writing

One of the most typical issues that every student encounters when writing an English paper is a lack of time to complete responses following the question paper design. To avoid this, answer the long answer questions first so that students may clear their minds and allow them to generate and explore more creatively when they move on to the creative writing areas of the assignment.

Concentrate on developing your writing talents

To improve the grammar and enhance vocabulary, make it a practice to read the newspaper every day. It will help students construct grammatically accurate sentences.

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Prioritise grammar

The majority of students struggle with English grammar classes. As a result, they often ignore it. Rather than ignoring it, confront it and work on the flaws. Wren & Martin is an excellent book for improving students’ grammar abilities.

Time management

Often, students are pressed for time, and as a result, they cannot fully respond to all of the questions. Working on time management can help with this. If students are having trouble with one portion, move on to the next. That bit that was left over can be attempted later.

Preparation Tips for Commerce 

To succeed in board exams, develop strong study habits

In order to do well on the board test, each student needs to develop several key learning habits that will help them rank among the top scorers. A student should embrace positive attributes, including creating and sticking to a learning plan, punctuality and discipline, and balancing academic and personal life.

Tips for accounting

  • The first thing to remember when studying accounting is a journal entry. They can answer any query if students can journalise any transaction.
  • Concepts like cash flow statements, company accounts, and partnership firms should be studied and planned for because they account for more than 60% of the question paper.
  • One common error made by business students is just reading the accounting formulas. Students cannot remember only by reading. To remember, write it down in groups more than twice a day throughout exam time.
  • Journals, balance sheets, and ledger accounts should all be presented professionally.

Tips for Economics

  • Students must keep track of their own written notes.
  • As we all know, most chapters in economics, particularly micro and macroeconomics, contain numerous graphs and diagrams. Then practise sketching diagrams in a notebook.
  • Exams are most likely to contain differences between questions. Then, the student must prepare the differences between questions in a tabular manner.

Solve previous question papers

Attempt to solve sample question papers from the previous five years to understand better the question papers’ format and the marks assigned to each section. There are many commerce Q&A papers available on the web. Students can make use of it by solving as many as possible.

Nervousness might sometimes help students stay awake and perform better. However, if they cannot manage their anxiety, they may lose focus and forget steps or equations on the day of their exam. Keep a positive attitude by recalling a joyful event or listening to their favourite music. Taking a few minutes to do something students enjoy can help them relax. Furthermore, meditation can assist students in remaining cool and efficiently managing exam tension.

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